Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board

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Multi shape Cat Playground with Interactive Bell Ball

Is your cat not interactive and playful even after getting them so many toys and they end up scratching your furniture and other surfaces even after having a scratcher for them ?

Aussie Vault provides an interactive shape-shifter magic organ cat scratching board which helps in both, it's a scratcher as well as an innovative toy for your cat. It comes with a scratch able surface that helps cats to scratch their long nails while they are playing on it so even when they don't use the usual scratcher board they won't harm your expensive furniture. It can change shapes and comes with an interactive ball to keep the cats engaged and entertained. 

Keep Your Cats Healthy & Engaged 

Our magic Organ cat scratching board product’s design appeals to a cat’s natural instinct offering them a fun and stimulating way to play for hours keeping them active, healthy and engaged. Multi-shape playground helps reduce stress and anxiety leading to happy and healthier pets who enjoy quality of life. Its scratch-board feature can withstand sharp claws, protecting the furniture and keeping the cat's paws healthy and well-groomed. 

Join hundreds of other happy Australian pet owners who have their lives changed and have come to love our magic organ shape shifter scratching board.

Benefits Of Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board:

✅  Reduce Stress & Anxiety Within Your Pets 

✅  Encourages Physical Activity

✅  Don’t Have To Spend Money On Different Types of Toys or Scratchers 

✅  Keeps Your Pet Active, Healthy & Engaged For Hours

✅  Engaging Their Natural Instincts 

✅  Keeping You Pet Paw’s Healthy & Well Groomed

✅  Durable, Safe & Eco-Friendly 

✅  Enhances Bonding 

✅  Save 1,000s On Expensive Vet Appointments

✅  Happy Australian Customers

✅  Fast & Free Delivery Australia Wide + Shipped From Australia 

✅  Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

All In One Interactive Product To Keep Your Pet’s Entertained And Active

Our Magic Organ scratching board is especially designed to appeal to a cat’s natural predator instinct which keeps them more engaged and active for hours than normal cat toys. Transforming shapes gives them endless play opportunities providing them an amazing playground to keep engaged for hours, enticing even the laziest of cats into a full-body workout. Cats attract more towards ball toys because they mimic the movement of prey animals, that's why our board comes with an interactive bell ball to keep them more interested.

How Our Scratching Board Helps You & Your Pet ?

1 in 3 cats show symptoms of anxiety and stress that steps from boredom, by providing proper stimulation, the magic organ cat scratching board can reduce stress levels in cats leading them to happier and healthy lifestyles. With its Scratch board features it helps groom your pet’s nails, saving your expensive furniture from scratches and keeping their paw’s healthy and groomed. Its full-body workout will reduce health issues like obesity in your cats and improve their metabolism.

Feel Safe With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s Leading Pet store, if the product arrives damaged, broken or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!


What's Included:

  • 1 * Multi-shape Cat Playground (220 mm X 110mm)
  • 1 * Interactive Bell Ball